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We have the expertise to deliver. From documentation to customs, by road, by sea or air you can rest assured that your Projects are handle with utmost care. Operating as a global player , handling many different industries has meant we have had to develop solutions dependent on the cargo to be moved.

The challenge of cargo that cannot be unitized requires special handling equipment and control at a microscopic level. Project planning, route selection, packaging, haulage, cranes, overseas handling, storage, and delivery are all of extreme importance.

We at Absa Group understand the pulse of Project handling. Over the years we have built a trusted channel network of reliable partners who are like-minded and believe in delivering nothing less than quality. Harnessed with skilful telecommunications and superior information technology our sheer mastery of skill will ensure you complete peace of mind, whatever the cargo.

Break Bulk Features & Benefits

Break bulk shipping is still used more frequently than you might think, especially in fields that need to move large or heavy goods, such as the petrochemical, oil and gas, energy, marine, and mining industries. Types of goods that are commonly transported in a

Why Choose Absa Group for Break Bulk Services?

Break bulk requires more third party handling than containerized cargo, and if you’re shipping your goods this way, you need to make sure you’re working with a freight forwarding company you can rely on. We oversee the entire shipping process, from loading the cargo to delivering it directly to its final destination.

We can also provide inland transportation using flat bed trucks or even barges. And no matter how complex your move, we’ll communicate with you throughout the transportation process so that you always know where your cargo is and how it’s being handled.

While this shipping method is known for being more expensive than container shipping services, we will work with our extensive network of freight forwarding professionals to negotiate the best prices available.